Applications which usually requires high performance, low noise levels and medium-high reliability. The field of hydraulic packs has always been amongst the most important market areas for the Company.

This is a new application in the world of fluid power which requires not only highest levels of producs but also the Quality Management System of the Company.

This is a proven range of applications but with increasing needs in terms of efficiency and noise impact. Companies in this sector are found all over the world, and it takes ability to supply adequate products.

These are applications where reliability and compatibility with environmental specifications particularly close to the limit are the most important feature. From wind power to solar power, Marzocchi has thousands of installations under its name.

The necessary characteristics to be able to share in this market are extreme flexibility in terms of shaft, port and flange style as well as a higher level of service.

This is one of our strengths where compactness, versatility of the possible configurations of ports/shafts and flanges makes all the difference. Specific machining / processing characteristics must be dedicated to these applications.

In automatic hydraulic systems to open bulkhead, ship propellers, or throttle valve for cruise liner or pipes and power packs for big ships, our pumps especially micro pumps are widely used.

Braking systems for city trams and trains and airport vehicles application. In a world that makes mobility a vital necessity, products that deliver the highest level of reliability and safety are required.

The world of agriculture is rapidly growing and requires an evolving product. Flexibility and high performance / price ratio are at the forefront of the requirements for these customers.

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