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We’re leading company not only in field of new project installation consulting but also in supplying industrial automation spare parts and products, electric equipments in Vietnam. Beside, we’re consulting customers in various industries the completed industrial automation solutions to maximize and optimize the effectiveness & efficiency of production lines.
Key guideline for all our activities: “Where the best can be better”

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Consultation, design, installation hydraulic gear pump for the new projects

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We commit to recognize & meet all demand of customers, to provide customer with high-quality services and products at reasonable price.

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Marzocchi Gear Pumps

0.25-0.5 series aluminium Micro gear pumps from 0.19 to 1.50 cc/rev.
1P and K1P series aluminum pumps from 1.1 to 8 cc/rev.
ALP series aluminum gear pumps from 1.4 to 200 cc/rev.
GHP series aluminum/cast iron pumps for high pressure applications from 1.4 to 87 cc/rev.
EK1P series mini power pack pumps for submerged applications from 0.9 cc/rev to 5.8 cc/rev.

Marzocchi Gear Motors Pompe

ALM series aluminum gear motors from 2.8 to 87 cc/rev.
GHM series aluminum/cast iron gear motors for high pressure applications from 2.8 to 87 cc/ev.
FCIP & FCIM New Full Cast Iron Pumps and Motors from 4.5 a 90.5 cc/rev.
T-SYSTEM series pumps and motors with support bearing for applications with axial or radial loads group 2.

Multiple/Modular Gear Pumps

~ ALP/GHP series multiple modular pumps aluminum and aluminum/cast iron gear pumps from 1.4 to 200 cc/rev.
~ ALPC/GHPC series short multiple pumps aluminum and aluminum/cast iron gear pumps with reduced axial layout gr. 1 and 2.
~ High/Low pressure series multiple gear pumps aluminium multiple pumps group 1P, 1 and 2.

ELIKA series hydraulic pumps

~ ELIKA series low noise, low ripple, high efficiency single gear pumps group 2, 3 and 4.
~ FTP Low Pressure Pump for low-pressure, lubrication applications or low-viscosity fluids.
~ Multiple ELIKA series - low noise, low ripple, high efficiency gear pumps group 2+2 from 7 to 35 cc/rev.
~ ELIKA1P & ELIKAK1P Silent Micro Pump with Helical Gears from 2.1 to 8.1 cc/rev.

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Steel industry


Cement Plant


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With the enthusiastic, energetic staffs with qualification and experience. Besides we still focus to train our team specialized technical knowledge on products and applications, communication, sales and management skills so that we meet all demand of customers.
Major fields served by Chau Thien Chi Co.,ltd including Power Plant, Automobile, Cement, Sugar, Marine, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Steel Industry, Textile, Tyre, Plastic, Packaging, Paper, Chemical & Pharma, Coal & Mining, Water Resource Management, Irrigation, Glass, Port &Cranes, etc.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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